6 Important Features to Look for in Data Recovery Software

As we live in a digital world, the truth is that relying on gadgets is normal. All our precious data is stored on them. The other bitter truth is that these gadgets are machines at the end of the day and however good they are, they are prone to malfunctioning one fine day. That is the day when all hell breaks loose when your precious data suddenly disappears andthen the process of retrieving it starts. Recovering data is easy if you have the right recovery software.

No software is perfect, but if you look for these specific features in a particularsoftware then it will prove to be your best choice. Here are the features that you should be looking for in a data recovery software.


The most important criterion to keep in mind is the compatibility factor. For example, if you go through R-Studio review you will find people complaining that it did not work on a particular OS. The fact is that it was not designed for that particular OS. You need to first see that the recovery software you are using is compatible with your system.Only then, it will work.


Once the software is compatible with your system, the next thing to look for is features. The software you are opting for should be able to retrieve files easily in case of a partitioning error. It should be able to recover the data from the recycle bin too after it has been emptied. You should be able to get back your files from those hard drives that have a bad sector.


All the regular and extraordinary features of your data recovery software will be of use only if its performance is top notch. It should be easy to use, fast and have a simple step-by-step guide on how to proceed with the process. The complicated data retrieval process will only dissuade the person to go ahead with it. All retrievals whether from a hard disk crash, windows partition error, intentional or unintentional format, malware etc. should be done easily and seamlessly.

Updates and Support System

The software gets obsolete in no time and needs to be regularly updated keeping up with the changing file formats. A good software will always have regular updates. There should also be 24*&*365 online support system. This is required for addressing all the immediate needs and queries that can arise at any given point in time.


The data recovery software should have all sorts of security protocols in place. This is very much required to protect the integrity of the precious data that you are trying to recover. We keep hearing about security breaches resulting in data leaks.  The last thing you would want is getting your data compromised in the name of retrieval.

Go with an Experienced Player

There are many data recovery software in the market, but if you are dealing with precious data you should always go with one that is reputed. Read the reviews and figure out about the reputation and trustworthiness. You mostly get only one shot at recovering the lost data and thus go with a player that has 100% success rate on the very first try.

There is no denying the fact that the most precious commodity in today’s digital world is data and losing it is definitely a nightmare. There are software available in the market to retrieve it, but select the right data recovery software by considering the above-discussed features.