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6 Technology Trends that Will Change the World in 2017

Today, we are at the apex of the technological revolution. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg since greater things are yet to come. Next is a look at the technological trends that will change the world in a few months time.

The interconnected home that features electronic devices having a link to each other has, for years, been in the pipeline but no meaningful results are present. The reason for its delay is the fierce competition amongst the parties that are likely to make it a reality. However, some these parties are now collaborating, meaning that they must be working towards launching something exciting really soon.

As population control becomes more difficult, feeding the masses requires the use of technology. The solution to that problem is the consumption of synthetic food, a product that comes with virtually every nutrient that is necessitated by the human body for its functioning.

In a few months time, the use of virtual reality in medicine, sports, education, and entertainment will increase considerably, making the lives of millions of people better. Though artificial intelligence hardware costs are the greatest barriers to the widespread use of the technology, they are set to come down soon and make it easy for many people to use them. Another related technology that is set to experience an increase in use is augmented reality, and this is due to the success it has experienced in gaming.

Today, artificial intelligence has made certain positions in organizations redundant. In the insurance industry, for instance, the technology can compute payouts to policyholders, making it unnecessary to hire staff for the same tasks. A company can now get savings in terms of salaries, benefits, equipment, office space, and training. One aspect that has made this cognitive technology popular is its ability to think like a person. Further, it has the capability to analyze and interpret data like video, audio, and unstructured text.

Everything on-demand is the new craze, and it is set to make smartphones very useful devices. Now, it is possible to order for anything you desire via your handheld device, and this includes cabs, flights, pizzas, accommodation, and more.

3D printing technology is now set to become more accessible to more persons since hardware costs are set to come down. It is not surprising that these devices will become common in many homes in a few months to come. Purchasing items will be unnecessary because you will just print out the number of units you need for free.

Numerous other technological solutions will hit the market in a few months from now. The tech world is full of surprises, meaning that it would be imprudent to make long-term predictions.

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