ODF OLYMPIAD ‘2008 Malaysia

Towards a Computer Literate Society

Topics and Categories

Standards 1 to 3 -Why should I learn Computers?
Standards 4 to 6- Why Should Students Use Free/Libre and Open Source Software?
Forms 1 to 3 – Benefits of Free/Libre and Open Source Software
Forms 3a  – Malaysia smartphone OS And How To Increase its Adoption.
Forms 4 to 6 and Matriculation – The Open Document Format (ODF) is an open standard: Why is it important to Malaysia And What Must We Do About It?

Evaluation Parameters for the ODF Olympiad Trophy

Relevance of topic
Creativity & Visual Appeal
Organisation of the content
Use of embedded tools (e.g. spreadsheet)


  • Create presentation in ODF using OpenOffice.org or  any other Free/bebas and Open Source ODF compliant software.
  • The presentation should not have more than total of 21 slides (including introduction and Thank you slide)
  • The presentation file size should not exceed 1MB
  • Each Slide should not have more than two clicks for navigation
  • Email the presentation to info@odfolympiad.org along with your details.- Name, Class, School Name, School Address, Email Address, Phone number, Age   before 20th October, 2008.
  • The Subject of the email must be in the following format <category of presentation, school name> for example “Category II, Gandhi National School”

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