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The Art of Handing Out a Rose

It is been in history that roses have long been used as some form of a gift by people of the ancient civilization. If roses are used, then that would make quite a significance in their mind. What is good about the present, is that you do not have to showcase a rose garden in order to move forward your sentiment to that particular person. It is practically on the thought that comes with having that said approach on giving out roses.

If you live on the northern hemisphere, then Christmas would be the perfect time for you to look at the coveted rose bed of yours. Some people even miss the blooms of the summer, thus also missing out on the vibrant scents and kaleidoscopic colors.

If you have a special person who is heavy on emotions as of the moment, then it is best to give them roses in order to lighten up their day in the process. Are you, for the most part, have a hard time coping up with your decisions for that special day of the year? Lucky for you, this article will provide you with the answers you are seeking for in regards to giving gifts to those rose lovers out there.
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Opt to Use Your Own Roses
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If you want to create something more memorable on that summer memory of yours with that special person, then you could save those roses and have them dried up. Once you have invested yourself into this aspect, then you could possibly create a small door wreath or even a dry rose bud centerpiece. If a potpourri is what you are going for, then you could maximize the use of those dried out petals along with a cinnamon stick. If you want to escalate your presentation of that gift, then you could opt for having it put in a small wooden box that is topped with the rose bud of the used and dried out flower.

Rose Hips Could Be the Key

If you want to create an unusual dynamic with your present, then use those little berries to the best of their potential. If you navigate your way through boiling these berries, then you could make a rose hip tea. If you want it to be decorative, then you have the option to put them in the dried wreath of yours. It would surely give you the Christmas feel that you have always wanted. Other people on the unconventional side would have those berries turned into a rose hip jelly. It could surely add to the meals you have for that special holiday.

Expand Your Artistic Mind

You could have a variety of uses with petals as they can either be used for soap making, candle making, or even paper making. It would surely add a hint of scent and color to the already colorful celebration of the holiday.