Security and Protection Systems

Information is an important asset and very valuable to the survival of businesses and presented in various formats such as: notes, verbal, electronic, postal, and audio visual equipment. Therefore, the management of critical information for improving the competitive success in all sectors of the economy.

The purpose of information management is to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. With the growing variety of fraud, espionage, viruses, and hackers have threatened the business information management due to increased transparency and less information control / control is done through modern information technology.

As a consequence, increasing expectations of business managers, business partners, auditors, and other stakeholders requires effective information management to ensure information that ensures business continuity and minimize business damage by preventing and minimize the impact of security incidents.

Computer security is a protection afforded by an information system in order to achieve objectives that can be applied or how to maintain the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information. But at this point the computer system installed more easily accessible. Timesharing system and causes weakness remote access communications data becomes the subject matter of security. This becomes very serious drawback moved at the rise in the development of computer networks. Use BitDefender Total Security 2017 Key to protect your system completely.

Another trend today is to give the responsibility of managing personal and business activities to a computer. Computers have been routinely used for correspondence dross sensitive, such as:

  1. electronic funds transfer system (electronic fund transfer system): skip some money as a stream of bits
  2. The air traffic control system (air traffic control system): do a lot of work previously handled human controllers.
  3. intensive care unit at the hospital is highly computerized.

Currently, the implementation of safeguards are essential to ensure the system is not interrupted and disturbed. Protection and safety of the hardware and the operating system is just as important.

The operating system is only a small portion of the entire software in a system. But because the role of the operating system to control access to resources, which other software accessing resources via the operating system, the operating system occupies an important position in the security system. Security software tends to focus on securing the operating system. Keep in mind that the application software also provides security risk.

Operating system security is part of the computer system problem completely, but it has become increasingly important part. Security operating system means little if everyone can run swing in the computer system. Physical security by limiting physical access directly to the computer system facilities must also occur.

  1. Security

Computer system security aims to ensure the resources are not used or modified by a person not entitled. Security including technical issues, managerial, legal and political.

There are four kinds of computer crime, among others:

– Theft of computer time. This includes the time needed to fix the system after the computer virus.

– Data theft

– Manipulation of a computer program

– Theft of software and copying software

Security system is divided into three, namely:

  1. External Security

External security relating to the security of computer facilities from intruders and disasters such as fire or flood.

  1. Security user interface

Security user interface associated with a user identification before the user is allowed to access programs and data are stored.

  1. Internal security

Internal security relating to the security controls are built on a variety of hardware and operating system that ensures operation lhandal and not corrupted to maintain the integrity of the program and data. Download Full Content