Six-Step Social Media Strategy

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Most of the companies already are using the social networks and social media marketing strategies, but only a few companies , like, make it in a correctly way through a specific plan.


The commissioning of an integration strategy of social networks and digital marketing actions by a company must pass through different stages:

The initial analysis stage to determine the actual situation of the company relative to social networks, his online reputation, strengths and weakness, and the competition.

The company study stage to identify clearly his objectives, identify and divide his audience and needs.

The strategy and resources planning stage to perform the social media marketing plan, based on obtained results from study phase.

The social construction stage for set up and optimize the web and social networks more suitable to apply the marketing social plan.

The executive stage through the implementation of measures and marketing campaigns on specified social networks.

The monitoring stage to measure the performance being obtained in social networks.

The optimization stage to improve the applied social media marketing strategies and obtain better results.

All these stages cannot be improvised, there is to use techniques and working tools that allows obtain real data about which is the best decision to take.

You’re invited to follow the lessons that we will publish every week, where we explain for free how to make a Social Media Marketing plan; all we ask is to share this information with your friends.

Six-Step Plan

Whether you’re using a Facebook personal profile or business page, this strategy will keep you on track! Steps 1-3 are “set up” and steps 4-6 should be repeated at least once a week.

Set up your profile on Social Media sites. Include a photo and accurate contact information. The more complete your profile, the better!

Key Sites include:
Facebook, Google Profile/Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

Make a list of at least 10 topics you would like to post about. These should be varied and reflect your interests.

San Diego, Restaurants, Cooking, Technology, DIY, Humor, Home Décor, Cycling, Green Living, Real Estate

Find websites and blogs that are already creating content for the topics in your list. Organize them into a bookmark tree, Like them on Facebook, or add them to your content feed app of choice (Flipboard, Pulse, RSS Feeder app such as Feedly, etc.)

Example Resources:
NBC San Diego, Thrillist, The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Mashable, Pinterest Boards, George Takei on Facebook, Apartment Therapy, Active, ReNest, Inman News

Sign up for a scheduling service (BufferApp or Hootsuite) and schedule your week’s postings in advance.

Utilize Facebook Lists to drill down and connect with your key people. Respond to any likes or comments on your post activity.

Use your smart phone to share postings, photos or videos in-the-moment (outside of your normal posting schedule).