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Enhancing Personal Development: Understanding Its Concept and Context

Personal development is the process of improving and achieving self-identity and self-awareness, developing potential and innate talents, developing human resources, facilitating of employment, enhancing the quality of life, and all activities involving the realization of one’s dream and aspirations. Personal development it takes place over the course of one’s entire life, and also in the context of institutions involving tools, programs, methods, assessment systems and techniques supporting human development, and it includes formal and informal activities for the development of one’s roles such as counselor, teacher, life coach, manager, guide or mentor. The various activities involving personal development may include improvement of wealth and wealth concept, identification or improvement of one’s potentials, building workforce employment or human capital, enhancement of lifestyle or quality of life, improving health and wellness, fulfillment of aspirations, initiation of life enterprise and personal autonomy, definition and execution of personal development plan, improvement of social activities improvement of self-awareness and self-knowledge, improvement of skills and learning of new ones, renewing or building self-esteem or identity, and development of talents and strengths.

There are two formats in the operation of personal development which are business-to-consumer and business-to-business. Selling courses, books and techniques for health, fitness, weight loss, beauty enhancement, yoga, martial arts and meditation are just some of the activities involving business-to-consumer market operations. Now a days, online programs are becoming increasingly popular and are now delivered conveniently to people, and it may include tools sold with a specific program such as motivational books, technical manual for yoga, martial arts programs and recipes for weight-loss. In business-to-individual market operations, the offerings might include time management, life coaching, individual counselling, workshops, e-learning programs, motivational speaking and books.

In personal development, business-to-business format involves improving of business processes through human capital reinforcement, motivation or encouragement for work productivity and people management, wherein programs are sold to private companies, government agencies or schools and universities, aimed to improve effectiveness, managing work-life balance or in preparation for a new role in a certain organization. The activities of business-to-business market includes time management, marketing and market development, assessment systems and courses for higher education, and management services such as training and development programs, personal development tools, self-assessment, feedback, business coaching and mentoring.
A 10-Point Plan for Training (Without Being Overwhelmed)

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