What to Expect With Pressure Testing and Inspection

Gas stations have to follow many rules and regulations to stay in business. The compliance demands are to help protect the environment and safety of everyone involved. Below are a few things you can expect with pressure testing and compliance inspection.

Guaranteeing Safety and Fuel Integrity

Pressure testing and inspection of the fuel storage, deliverance system, and equipment is necessary for gas stations to ensure they are upholding standards. These standards offer the public reassurance that the area is safe, the air clean, and optimal fuel integrity. Every station within the state of California has to undergo pressure testing to pass inspections and maintain the ability to stay operational.

Monitor Fuel Levels

You should be closely monitoring your fuel levels before the pressure testing. You need to have tanks filled at least 25 percent, but no more than 75 percent for accuracy. Accuracy may require close monitoring your sales trends and step down, or slightly up on your fuel deliveries to ensure the right amount is in the tanks.

Necessary Shut-Down

You will have to shut down your pumps from use for approximately 45 minutes per unit. You can calculate total time down by the number of units to test. It might be an inconvenience to a few customers, but it is a requirement to fulfill.

Postpone Fuel Delieveries Until Test Completion

Do not have any fuel delivered within three or four hours before pressure testing is to commence. Filling the tanks too close to testing times will throw off the results. You will end up having to reschedule and pay for the testing all over again. It is in your best interest to wait to accept a delivery after the testing has finished, or choose a different day to receive fuel.

Inspect Your Hoses and Nozzles

The most significant weakness in the pressure chain will be your hoses and nozzles. Check them over well before the day of testing to see if there are any visible signs of wear. Have them changed before the day arrives. Most companies offering pressure testing services can replace this equipment, but it might cost you more at the time.

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