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How to Treat IBS without Using Prescription Drugs

If you are experiencing IBS you already know how severe the symptoms are. This illness has most likely ruined your entire daily routine. However, you are not alone. One out of five Americans has this disorder. In fact, millions suffer from IBS all around the globe. Despite doctors not knowing its actual cause, there are ways of treating the symptoms. Instead of prescription drugs try the methods below.

Psychological Interventions
If you have IBS, one of the best ways of curing some symptoms is by simply becoming more aware of yourself. Self-awareness is directly linked to a heightened immune system. To deal with your digestive problems there are a variety of psychological techniques you can employ. One of the things you could try is meditation. You can use mediation to help align your emotions and thoughts in the right frequency for health. Alternatively, you can see a psychologist who can help you relax through a variety of relaxation techniques. Some of the techniques used by therapists include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and hypnosis.

Diet Rich in Good Bacteria
Making sure that you have the right amount of healthy bacteria in your digestive system is important. Good bacteria helps you to fight the unwanted symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome such as flatulence. Fermented foods are rich in probiotics. You may want to try a diet that includes dark chocolate, kefir, microalgae, miso soup sauerkraut, and yogurt.
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Get Rid of Allergens
Allergens refer to any product that can potentially increase IBS symptoms. Gluten is an example of a potential allergen. The stomach cannot digest gluten because it corrodes the stomach’s lining. Eliminating any product that is rich in gluten can help you avoid IBS symptoms. Some of these products are cakes, pastries, pasta, cereals, oats and bread. If you want to avoid the harsh effects of irritable bowel syndrome, make a point of avoiding any food that contains gluten.
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In addition to this, other allergens that need to be avoided include soy, nuts, eggs, dairy products, and yeast. You can eliminate one of these foods from your diet, then reintroduce it again after a period of 12 weeks. It is important that your diet is unprocessed and purely organic.

Do Your Exercises
To most people, working out helps them get rid of depression, anxiety and stress. Research shows that you can experience some IBS symptoms when you are stressed. Exercising consistently can serve as a stress reliever. Working out helps in bowel movements by stimulating regular intestinal contractions. In addition to this, working out can help to cleanse the mind.

Increase Your Fiber Intake
When it comes to managing IBS, fiber is very useful. Fiber works so well for people with mixed IBS which brings about constipation and diarrhea.