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This is the posts that caught your attention the most in our site over the past year.

With the athletics returning to the sport after the stricken, pandemic-stricken season of 2020 as well as that the Athleticsweeklysite is extremely busy throughout the time of the year.It covers everything from Olympics and Paralympics to sports that are small-scale for the underdog. is determined to give you the most current information as well as news and coverage.

We’ve gained knowledge from our experiences of creating this magazine. UK printed magazine. The majority of visitors to our site come directly from in the UK.But these pages had been visited by millions of people who are from and beyond the US in the particular and beyond into 2021.

We also had visitors to our site from countries such as Tokelau, St Barthelemy, and EquatorialGuinea.Track and field fans are everywhere in the world.

Was it you loved your most?

One thing that you’re bound to be a fan of glimpses.Our ‘who which, what and about to happen’ guidebooks are adored especially when they offer information on important events like the walking and running events held at Kew Gardens and the British Olympics in Manchester.

Of course, you benefit from our full coverage of all events.In the case of Paralympics and Olympics We’ve covered each track and field event scheduled to be held in Tokyo as well as beyond which you can see here.

Also, you love stories that have twists.Jake Smith’s success in the Cheshire Marathon in April despite his first race as a pacemaker attracted your notice.Also, our report in depth on Jonny Mellor’s decision to pull out from the OlympicTrials marathon due to the gout infection developed from his compression socksthat increased in size as he lay down at night. It caught your attention.

Track and Field fans dislike the practice of doping however they’re unable to avoid to read about the problem.Our stories about shameful sprinters such as Blessing Okagbare and Alex Wilson for instance , have been a huge success.

Like doping, you’re drawn to the controversy.There’s always an opportunity for excitement in sports, which is the reason there’s been a lot of these stories that have been featured on our site in 2021. One of them was Andy Butchart’s visit to the authorities in sports following his comments on the podcast regarding Covid Sha’Carri Richardson’s use of cannabis.

Sha’Carri Richardson (Getty)

You’re a huge fan of statistics and statistics.A webpage on walking performance was a little popular in the Olympics and has been among the most surprising “hits” through the time.

A handful of our favorite oldies have made an impact in our most talked-about 2021 news.They included the best way to not score points and also the most efficient and most efficient parkruns.

The most important thing is that you love hearing about athletes, regardless whether they are in the current ousted or still in the sport.Our in-depth interview with the British champions of the Tokyo 4x400m race for instance , proved to be an easy win in your eyes.In the past, our video interview with our 2004 British 4x100m champions was as popular this month.

But they don’t have to be traditional athletes.In addition to our website, one of our most popular social media posts of the year were about Crumple the duck waddle during the New York Marathon!

A duck was racing across the New York Marathon this weekend

That’s right, it right.

– AW (@AthleticsWeekly) November 9, 2021

Then, we will continue the“Ask to the Athlete”series, where you, the readers, speak to athletes from the past and present. It which has generated lots of interest , with those who have participated in the Steve Cram interview particular in getting a lot of viewers.

The 12 most popular articles of 2021

In no order of importance In no particular order, here these are our top twelve articles we will publish on our website in the 2021.

It’s the Brussels showdown

Our review of our look at Women’s Diamond League 200m clash in which Christine Mboma went on to beat Dina Sherry-Smith, Sha’Carri Richardson and Shericka Jackson generated a huge amount of interest.

Christine Mboma (Getty)

The Best Athletes

The page to vote for theA.W.“The Reader’s choice Athletes of theYear received a large number of visitors along with our result was also very well-liked.

You were a potter for Potter

BethPotter’s astonishing claim of “the fastest 5km on the planet” became viral in last April.


Our piece about Usain Bolt’s world’s first 100m record was very well-received.

Keely creates his mark

The very popular game played by Keely Hodgkinson’s record didn’t occur in the summer instead, she set a new world indoor record under 20 in early 2021.

The selection of Charlie Purdue’s

The runner of marathon told the reporter that she felt as if she had been hit by bus when she was removed by selectors from the team to go to Tokyo.

The winner of Thommo trials Thommo trials

Chris Thompson’s enthralling performances during his performance at the BritishOlympic SelectionRace for Tokyo was one of the most loved plays in the 2021 and will be forever remembered.Click here to learn more.

Legends of cross-country skiing from the remote issue

Our exclusive look at Zola Pietersea and Paula Radcliffe’s views about the issue of gender equality has been a topic that was hot subject at the start of this season.

Olympic forecasts to Tokyo

Our reputation was put in the spotlight with some risky choices and we hope you loved reading about them.

How can I make it faster to run

The series we ran on “How to master the art of …” Sprinting” was focused on the art of sprinting was definitely a success.

JakobIngebrigtsen wins To run

In the past it’s been more intrigued by Norway’s controversial 1,500m indoor triumph as opposed to the Olympic as well as DiamondLeague victories.Find out the reason.

Ingebrigtsen isn’t just popular in our site as well.It’s also become a huge sensation in our print magazine as well as on our Youtube channel.

Overview of the U20 World Championships

The majority of our articles are written to prepare the ground for events on an enormous scale. Our predictions of the most prestigious junior contest this year in the Nairobi was extremely popular.

” for the latest news on athletics information, coverage of sporting events, and updates, visit the AW Home Page and our social media pages through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


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